Month notes: 27/10/21

A rollercoaster fortnight COP26 starts very soon, yes there will be testing. Over the past 3 weeks our team have been collaborating on and testing various digital service design proposals. The digital team typically found out about this requirement for event-testing over the weekend (from the news). With the anticipation of many thousands of international… Continue reading Month notes: 27/10/21

The case for patient-centered referrals and bookings

Hi I’m Tom — i’ve been working at NHS Digital as a User Researcher on the NHS referrals transformation project since 2015. In January this year I joined the ‘NHS Booking, Referral and Appointment Management’ Discovery project in Leeds to complete an holistic review of how the NHS manages approximately 500 million patient appointments and 20 million… Continue reading The case for patient-centered referrals and bookings