Hi, I’m Tom. Thanks for visiting my site!

So my kids are always asking me “Daddy do you do for work?” well that’s a difficult question and I tried to explain this to them on several occasions…

I lead and manage the research in multidisciplinary product teams. I enable teams to deliver excellent solutions and services to market by starting with user needs, working in iterative development and validating concepts with users and business.

I think it was just a bit too much for them to take in… so I thought it might help to have a space to break it down where they could find out what this actually means; perhaps even learn a few useful things along their way!!

I really enjoy working in UX. Over the past 15 years I have been very lucky to work with a lot of fabulous product teams and startups and been able to help them find their feet and make positive steps forward.

This website has helped me learn a lot through trying out new UX tools; I’ll be sharing methods for making the most of different tools

Notes: any advice is provided is without guarantee – please do your own research!! I don’t represent the views of my employer via this site. I don’t receive any payment for doing this blog!

Feedback makes our world go round!

I am really open and honest in all aspects of my work.
Here is some the anonymous feedback I received from colleagues in the last year:

  • “Very passionate, great at organising things and providing insights to the team quickly”
  • “Tom’s expertise in research and research methodologies have helped shape the programmes (NHS e-RS) future development. Specifically, the redesigning and streamlining of key workflows within the referral journey. Tom’s outputs have included key findings on prototype user research, analysis on user behaviour and traits, as well as investigations into processes and business needs.”
  • “Influences change in the product that benefits the user, gives the users a legitimate voice when discussing the product and the design of it, gathers a lot of insights that are useful for influencing design”
  • “He set up the whole of the antigen testing user research programme by himself in a very short space of time. It is an incredible achievement and it is mostly thanks to him that we are where we are right now.”
  • “Excellent research planning, research execution, research findings analysis and high-quality presentations of research findings”
  • “Significant improvements to research efficiency, highly detailed and thorough research outputs, deep thinking on ways of working.”
  • “Tom consistently remains focused on the users needs. He remains empathetic to their situation and is vital in bringing perspective to the discussion when the team requires it.”
  • “Hard working, has a large range of knowledge areas, very good at putting in to action ideas, very good at Qualtrics, very good at using Jira, very good at developing research plans, presents findings back well”
  • “He is very hardworking and dedicated to doing good work that will yield impactful results. He can both work on the ground and think strategically.”
  • “Commitment to UCD ways of working, persistence in solving problems and finding insights, ability to take very complex information and understand it quickly, ability to get the most from tools such as Qualtrics. Tom’s deep subject knowledge and facility with tech is a significant asset to any team.”
  • “Large amounts of detailed information Identification of issues”

I am very grateful for time people have spent giving feedback whether it was colleagues or project stakeholders.

It does help a lot with keeping focussed and finding areas for personal improvement!!

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