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Senior User Researcher

NHS Test and Trace (NHS Digital)
Dec 2020 – Present

  • I lead the continuous improvement of the user experience across the end-to-end Antigen (PCR) and Antibody testing service
  • I manage a team of user researchers (perm and contract staff)
  • I work with multidisciplinary team, digital colleagues, operations and policy to embed user-centred design best practices and ensure the service is inclusive and meets the needs of all users

User Researcher
(interim lead)

National Testing Programme / Antigen Service (NHS Digital)
Apr 2020 – Dec 2020

  • I was the first researcher to start on the COVID-19 Antigen Service
  • I inspired, enabled and lead the newly formed team to deliver great research under enormous pressure
  • I onboarded colleagues from multiple organisations, guiding and supporting them to follow NHS and GOV Service Standards
  • I coached colleagues to gather quality research data, document findings consistently, and share findings regularly with service stakeholders
  • I established the research and design (UX) backlog in Jira, and managed the process for feeding new user requirements into the product backlog,
  • I arranged and chaired UX Standups for research and design colleagues
  • I engaged colleagues from across multiple organisations, research departments and project teams, to help coordinate efforts and reduce overlap of work
  • I established regular feedback reporting mechanisms (e.g. automated survey data) across all aspects of COVID Antigen Testing Service
  • I created a panel of 250,000+ users of the COVID Test and Trace service.
  • I arranged interviews with users recruited from the research panel and social media, and segmented the panel by demographics for equality monitoring purposes
  • I created and managed a thematic backlog of user needs, and linked these to service personas
  • I enabled and supported the team to completed 100+ rounds of user research (600+ interviews) in 9-month period; this included discovery research of needs and usability testing both digital and physical solutions
  • I championed accessibility research within service, both discovery research to understand a broader range of users with different needs
  • I lead procurement of WCAG 2.1 audit, blazing through bureaucracy and budget approvals,
  • I arranged continuous service improvement reviews with colleagues to reflect on how we could ensure research efforts had more impact; I delegated actions to the team to make many improvements in a short time frame
  • I lead the Antigen Testing User Research feedback through the successful GDS Service peer-review and Alpha assessment

User Researcher

Bookings Referral and Managing Appointments (BRAM) Discovery
Jan 2020 – Mar 2020

  • I worked closely with SRO, Product Owner and Bookings, Referrals and Managing Appointments (BRAM) discovery team to scope and plan the discovery research
  • I defined the recruitment brief (number of site visits, segmentation of users, how many remote interviews).
  • I delegated work to junior staff within the team to manage recruitment and book site visits
  • My Subject Matter Expertise for referrals, from my 5 years’ of experience working in the referral service, helped to influence which areas to investigate within the discovery
  • I coached colleagues to capture data in a consistent way, for example user journey mapping after site visits. After each research session I lead the analysis of findings within the team
  • I regularly presented findings at Show and Tells

Re-Ops manager (interim)

NHS Digital (Programmes and Product Delivery Profession)

  • I organised and hosted regular User Research community meet ups; this ensured researchers had opportunities to share insights with peers, reflect on their methods/practice and to collectively tackle re-occurring problems
  • I lead an internal review and discovery to understand needs of researchers and stakeholders; I coordinated the action plan for implementing improvements across the profession
  • I managed the supplier software procurement process, and contracts worth over £250k. Including working with internal assurance and approval panels.
  • I supported finding and hiring some of the top User Researchers in the UK
  • I lead the transition of survey software from Verint Enterprise to Qualtrics
  • I managed our Userzoom account
  • I lead the adoption of new methodologies for testing designs at scale, e.g. AB testing, unmoderated remote testing

User Researcher

NHS e-Referral Service
Aug 2015 – Dec 2019

  • I lead research strategy around redesign of NHS e-Referrals platform for professional users and patient users
  • I coached colleagues including programme management / SRO and senior clinicians to understand the benefits of simplifying the application and why these changes were fundamentally important for the service going forward
  • I supported descoping 50% of e-RS professional application due to the research evidence showing that features were either rarely or never used, or did not add value to users
  • I worked with the team to benchmark the service performance (satisfaction and ease of use) for all user journeys through both moderated and unmoderated research, and analytics
  • I conducted many discovery research projects to support the service redesign, e.g. to understand how different features are being used to the wider user experience/ user context
  • I managed the research backlog and coordinated work for researchers within team
  • I worked with many difficult stakeholders and management colleagues who did not appreciate evidence in the face of their opinions. I robustly presented research findings and championed users even if no one else seemed to care.
  • I ensured colleagues (e.g. Designers, BA’s, Product Managers) were able to take regularly take part in research and review findings
  • I presented findings regularly to management and stakeholder groups
  • I managed and coached junior researchers and graduates within the team, including conducting performance and development reviews
  • I lead multiple successful GDS assessments for Manage Your Referral Service (Peer-review, Alpha, Beta)

Market Research and Insight Officer

University of Leeds
Oct 2013 – Sep 2015

  • My role involves delivering strategic and tactical research projects to ensure the University of Leeds remains a top destination for student recruitment and student experience.

Research Consultant

October 2009 – Oct 2013

Marketing Exec

Yes2Enterprise / Young People’s Enterprise Forum
Feb 2010 – May 2011

Enterprise Team Undergraduate

Yorkshire Forward (Regional Development Agency)
Aug 2007 – Jul 2008

Product Consultant

Carphone Warehouse
Apr 2006 – Mar 2008

Consultancy Assistant

Inkopo Ltd
Jul 2007 – Aug 2007

  • I supported several SME’s to develop their products, understand the market and develop marketing resources.