Research with seldom-heard user groups

This post is about a recent project I conducted with the LGBTQI+ community around ‘Asking about Gender’ Before reading ahead, please be aware some people may find some of this content upsetting. To skip this post please click here to return to the homepage When I was asked to look into the Testing needs of… Continue reading Research with seldom-heard user groups

Scaled-Up Usability: Going Unmoderated

The journey had so many screens to test, that even with 90-minute interviews we struggled to get robust consistent feedback over multiple rounds of testing This post is about how I created an unmoderated usability testing platform at the Test and Trace service. Designers and product people may just need data to make a few… Continue reading Scaled-Up Usability: Going Unmoderated

Interacting with design

What is a prototype for? Several weeks after working on the Testing programme I noticed that all the designers from consultancies were only trained to use Sketch. There design approach had one purpose in mind: draw up some ideas quickly, get them signed off quickly, and code the solutions quickly. This was efficient as a… Continue reading Interacting with design

Always Improving

This post is about delivering user research insights within a fast-moving, continually changing, service environment. Stakeholders on any critical programme are typically very busy, some key decision makers will only have time to attend a ‘kick off’ meeting and ‘debrief meeting/Show and Tell’. Over this summer, our team conducted hundreds of user interviews, across dozens… Continue reading Always Improving